Maibiz Technologies Pvt Ltd as a team deals in all kind of telecom solutions (IVR/SMS/USSD/Sponsor call/ Mpesa). But still we are more focused on a complete transform of the business tools, USSD/Bots as per the need of time. The motive is to deliver best all in one solutions with AI. Maibiz has launched its own Business Intelligence Tool with USSD/Bot Journey Builder & loyalty points wallet keeping african market demands on priority. BI Tool with NoCode USSD & loyalty points achieves:

  • We help in making best business strategies by providing you our own BI tool 
  • Change current traditional way of doing USSD campaigns by simplifying development, development and by modernisation of operation with the help of best analytical results
  • 360 Analytics with detailed reports, 
  • Customer engagement,
  • Retargeting Algorithm
  • Well managed loyalty points wallet
  • Handling and managing data mining 


BI Tool with NoCode USSD/Whatsapp 

BI Tools are demand of business & still USSD is one of the most widely used channel in AFRICA for mobile marketing. Maibiz smart BI Tool with NoCode system meets almost all the demands of the market. It helps brands/agencies to have central repository of data, system smart enough to identify loyal customer along with their loyalty points wallet, simplifies retargeting . Allows to optimise complete tech resources cost. Easily scalable and secure platform. As complete platform is developed and deployed on AWS.

Lead Generation e-commerce

This service initiated by us inculcates campaigns such as SMS campaign, USSD campaign and Facebook Chatbot campaign. Here, the students can purchase products from a particular brand and avail for discount coupons either from that particular brand website or from our website even.

FB & WhatsApp Chatbot

(WhatsApp / Facebook) Bot is basically a chat platform which helps people in interacting with brands. Our bots helped our clients to interact in better and faster manner with their customer. It helped hotel/insurance industry in verifying documents directly on bot. Clients are happy with potential we have in our bot services. AI and OCR kind of technology added great value to our clients in identifying their customer behaviour.

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