NoCode USSD with Loyalty points wallet

NoCode USSD journey builder is independent and complete solution with AI to manage your campaigns in efficient and optimised way with options
- loyalty points wallet with all type of rewards
- Lucky draw
- Runtime live reports
- 360 Demographics to study customer behaviour
- Get rid of managing loyalty cards swapping issues etc
- It simplifies for brands to manage their loyal customer in efficient way by avoiding repeated profile questions automatically.
- It also adds value by allowing brands to manage one wallet for their all products.

Note: Allows you to optimise tech resources cost as you pay only as per usage. Complete system is on Nosql + AWS which simplifies scalability and security efficiently.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)-

This is designed using Voice and Mobile to help clients access their information such as results, tender notices, data sheet 24*7 using cross operator accessibility. Any query can also be recorded here, if needed.

WhatsApp Chatbot

A platform that gives the clients an opportunity to have their quesries related to examinations and other academic notifications answered.


It is the first mobile based deal application in Kenya where a customer can send a SMS to 5557 and get in touch with us for assistance regarding the best deal for the item of their choice. The coupon and address of the item and its Merchant is shared with the customer so that the latter can encash the deal.

Virtual Assistant

Another product that lets clients manage their schedules and automatically update it by a voice solution. No manual intervention is required to know the schedules.

Other Projects

A new mobile application called Security Mobile App to avoid data and examination paper leakage