Our history has started in 2012 !

Maibiz Technologies Pvt Ltd a leading Technology Company. We work with multiple partners in various genres and provide technology solutions for different businesses. Maibiz Technologies Pvt Ltd specialises in Business intelligence Tools, BOTS, USSD, Loyalty Points wallet and rewards, IVR, VOIP and CHATBOTS. Many brands are using our tech solutions in various goes like India, China, Malaysia, Thailand, Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa. Few of our esteemed clients are China, Danone, Nestle subcontract via NASHDIGITAL, Unilever & Tigerbrand subcontract via JUSTPALM South Africa, Kenya Royal media house, Punjabi University Patiala etc. We provide solutions in multiple verticals such as FMCG, BFSI, Education, Travel, and Sports.

We kept evolving and expending with time. Based on learning from the respected clients with time Maibiz has launched its own Business Intelligence Tool with NOCODE USSD/BOT journey builder & loyalty points wallet. By introducing AI complete it makes it a unique platform as a service (PAAS) all in one to meet all requirements like Business by using BI, development, deployment, execution for all operations for agencies and brands in generating leads and customer engagements. The new BI tool on various demographic of data being collected on platform via various channels simplifies customer re-engagement which makes it very unique at its own all in one platform.

What we do?

Maibiz has recently launched new platform for FMCG brands to manage their USSD / Bots campaign efficiently using Nocode USSD / Whatsapp platform. This platform specially designed and developed for African Market with smart feature

- Generate central repository even when different mobile marketing agencies running different campaigns

- Making retargeting efficient, accurate and more meaningful

- Hassle free and accurate reports

- Easily scalable as complete platform deployed using Mongo DB one of most widely used Nosql and AWS.

- Secure as complete platform deployed on AWS

- 24x7 Support

Few of our ground-breaking technology are OCR - to read images/ bills/ T-Slips used by FMCG brands like Unilever, Nestle etc. We were the first one to publish University exam results on USSD, which was used by over 5 million students across India. Our CHATBOT is used by many brands in India and Africa, which supports over 100 languages. We have recently launched Live Score update on WhatsApp for the ICC world cup.

Our Future Plans

Maibiz Technologies Pvt Ltd is focusing more on smart NOCODE platform with AR (Augmentation Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality). We also looking forward to explore the potential of AI & NLP, which would make our CHATBOTs more efficient and personal.

Our team seeks to resolve the client’s important issues and prepare them to grab opportunities. We deal on key aspects named strategy, marketing and technology. Although having a profound and functional experience in its field, Maibiz is known for offering a fun approach towards work. Who says success comes only with seriousness? The clients are given tailored solutions to help them attain prolonged success. We assist our customers in directing and channelizing their attention to get the maximum boost for a successful business.

Sudhir Mor

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