Maibiz Technologies Pvt Ltd team focusses on a complete transform of the usage of mobile phones from entertainment to infotainment. The motive is to increase the use of mobile phones in the daily lives of our clients as it is the most powerful mode of communication in terms of providing all sorts of information and solutions and IVR services having cross operator accessibility so that users can have access to the data irrespective of the mobile operator they are associated with.

Mobile Application

Nowadays, mobiles are the most commonly used medium of communication everywhere. Hence, the Maibiz team decided to use this medium to share academic related data for immediate communication between the students and the education boards. All important notifications about admissions, results, academic blogs, news, syllabus, recycling of books. Even discount coupons are given out to students on the purchase of any books and educational electronic devices. All these now at their fingertips.

Lead Gen

This service initiated by us inculcates campaigns such as SMS campaign, USSD campaign and Facebook Chatbot campaign. Here, the students can purchase products from a particular brand and avail for discount coupons either from that particular brand website or from our website even.

FB & WhatsApp Chatbot

(WhatsApp / Facebook) Bot is basically a chat platform which helps people in interacting with brands. Our bots helped our clients to interact in better and faster manner with their customer. It helped hotel/insurance industry in verifying documents directly on bot. Clients are happy with potential we have in our bot services. AI and OCR kind of technology added great value to our clients in identifying their customer behavior.

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