Our history has started in 2012, through next few we are going to rock the wordl!

Maibiz Technologies aims to bring together the two ends, students and the educational boards so that all academic concerned information reaches on reasonable costs.

Direct communication between the Education Board and the students to provide them with all the academic information and updates regarding different examinations, results, tender notices charged the latter an abnormal rate that included VAS. As a result, affordability became difficult for the students.

Thus, in 2012, a channel of communication called Maibiz Technologies was set up to make these both ends meet.

We aim to make mobiles the strongest reachable platform of communication with the introduction of educational mobile applications and IVR services to provide all educational solutions be it results, exams to our clients.

We update with time, now we take WhatsApp / Facebook chat bots to market with AI, OCR features which makes our bot much more smarter than our competitors, which helps our clients to grow and compete well in the market.

Our team seeks to resolve the client’s important issues and prepare them to grab opportunities. We deal on key aspects named strategy, marketing and technology. Although having a profound and functional experience in its field, Maibiz is known for offering a fun approach towards work. Who says success comes only with seriousness? The clients are given tailored solutions to help them attain prolonged success. We assist our customers in directing and channelizing their attention to get the maximum boost for a successful business.

Sudhir Mor
CEO / Founder

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